“Jamie’s latest book offers a true understanding of what so many busy mamas experience in the day to day raising of our families. Choose any brief chapter, you’ll see the practical wisdom and sensible tools provided feel like a five minute meditation – a restart button in the midst of a full and perhaps challenging day.”

~ Heather Bruggeman, writer of beauty that moves

“For every mother who wishes she was experiencing her days with more clarity, calm, peace and happiness…this is a must read. Jamie distills her wisdom into bite-sized gems. I could easily consume a chapter in the spare moments throughout my day and was instantly all the better for it.”

~ Lisa Grace Byrne, founder of

“I have a new favorite book: Mindset for Moms by Jamie Martin. I’m not a mom, but I used all the key points in this book to be better as a father and in business and leadership. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to make major, positive lasting changes in just thirty days. The 30 principles are exactly the things we all need to take our lives and effectiveness to a whole new level.”

~ Oliver DeMille, author of A Thomas Jefferson Education

“This book reads like a conversation with a true friend—one who is at times upbeat and encouraging, at times disarmingly frank, and always humble and authentic, with her heart in the right place. Like a good massage, this book hurts just a little here and there (in all the right ways) and yet leaves you feeling soothed, refreshed and empowered.”

~ Rachel DeMille, co-founder of A Thomas Jefferson Education

“I really, truly love this book. Jamie’s encouraging, practical approach happens to mirror some of the changes I’ve made in my own mindset and heart recently but could never have put into words.”

~ Mandi Ehman, founder of

Mindset for Moms is like a daily multi-vitamin for my attitude as a mom! In each short and sweet chapter, there is refreshment, encouragement and sometimes a much-needed challenge, spurring me on to approach this most important role of mothering in a truly positive and fruitful way.”

~ Stephanie Langford, editor and author of

“Mindset for Moms is filled with inspiring and refreshing wisdom from a mother who, though still in the trenches, is already seasoned with experience.”

~ Kat Lee, author of

“This gem of a book isn’t just for moms—dads and moms alike will benefit greatly from Jamie’s wisdom. As varied as the topics are, they’re all universally about the same thing—that how we think matters. As I read, the old proverb kept playing in my head—’As a man thinketh, so is he.’ Jamie’s words are gold! Short enough to read throughout a busy day, but essential enough to not go without.”

~ Tsh Oxenreider, founder of and author of Organized Simplicity

“Rather than just flinging around flippant advice to avoid negative thinking, Jamie dissects the premise of positive thinking as it applies to parenting and guides us, step-by-step, into transforming our thoughts until big, life-changing thought patterns begin to evolve.”

~ Megan Tietz, author of

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