about love146

In many ways, Mindset for Moms is all about mission, and I want to take this opportunity to share a part of my life’s mission with you. It’s the cause my family moved cross-country for, the cause my husband gets up each morning to work for, the cause my children know a bit (but not too much) about.

Child sex trafficking and exploitation.

We live in a time when many think slavery has been abolished, not realizing that there are actually more slaves around the world today than ever before in history, many of them children.

As mothers, we look at our kids, we try to imagine, and it’s unimaginable. I believe mothers hold a key to the abolition of child slavery—as we stand up and say that the child of one is the child of us all.

Perhaps, for some of you, the cause of our lives will become the cause of yours. Find out how you can give and get involved by visiting love146.org.