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Motherhood. One word that fills us with thoughts of both beauty and challenge. Success and failure. Happiness and guilt. We look joyfully forward to adding to our family, but don’t anticipate some of the internal struggles that go along with this change. We sense that there can be more—not necessarily more stuff or more to do: We have enough of that as it is. But we dream that there can be more peace, more happiness, more energy on this path—less worry, less fear, less exhaustion.

Want to know the good news? More is available, and with a subtle, yet powerful, change of our habits, we can access it.

We hold the key to unlock this treasure in our own homes—right within our thoughts. We create our own paradise or prison by the thoughts we nurture and cultivate each and every day. By discovering how to harness them more positively, we can transform our minds and change our lives.

This isn’t an earth-shattering new idea. The most influential thinkers and philosophers throughout history have spoken of this concept; the Bible and other classic writings regularly affirm it. But those of us deep in the throes of Mommyhood believe such lofty goals and deep ideas have little relevance to us. We couldn’t be more wrong. I know, because I’ve seen my life revolutionized since altering my lifelong thinking patterns, habits, and beliefs. You can, too.

This e-book is organized into short segments you can read and ponder as you go about your busy, full days. Or if you feel moved, plow through it in one sitting and return for specific details when you need them. Tackle the information in the way that works best for you. The important thing is not to put it off.

How would you like to find yourself thinking and feeling differently about your family, your self, and your future in just 30 days? A better life awaits—let’s go after it together.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Jamie’s Story—Motherhood: Dream Job or Drudgery
  • 1. How do you want to change this month?
  • 2. Talk less.
  • 3. Remember the promise of the seasons.
  • 4. Want what you have.
  • 5. Fake it.
  • 6. What are you expecting?
  • 7. Don’t expect kindness from your kids.
  • 8. Learn to think like your child.
  • 9. Move!
  • 10. Get a grasp on gratitude.
  • 11. Realize that it’s okay to be down.
  • 12. Find the emotional rest you need when weary.
  • 13. What are you putting in your mind?
  • 14. Write it down.
  • 15. Let it go.
  • 16. Only do six things today.
  • 17. Discover your mission.
  • 18. You control the weather.
  • 19. Tell your kids what you want—not what you don’t.
  • 20. Request a do-over.
  • 21. Move away from competition and comparison.
  • 22. Give your time, give your money, give your stuff.
  • 23. No replays.
  • 24. Survive (and thrive) as an introverted mom.
  • 25. Surround yourself with great thoughts from great minds.
  • 26. Conquer the myth of never enough time.
  • 27. Remember that your kids are people, too—just smaller ones.
  • 28. Do what comes naturally.
  • 29. Live above the details.
  • 30. What will you remember in your nursing home?
  • Conclusion – Mindset for Moms 2.0

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